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Memory keepsake alphabet letter initial cushion - made from loved ones clothing

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Memory letter cushions are keepsakes made from your loved ones clothing. They are a lovely way to deal with grief and treasure the memories of loved ones, and turn their clothes into something you can treasure forever. They can be made from any letter of the alphabet, numbers or symbols - maybe or "G" for grandad, or 2 cushions to spell your loved ones initials, or 3 cushions to spell "DAD" - the options are endless.

Unlike many fabric letters (which are fabric glued on a cardboard letter) these letters are stitched with your loved ones fabric, then filled with a hollowfibre stuffing. This method results in a cushion that can be used as decoration but are also a soft and huggable cushion, that can make you feel closer to your loved one..


The cushions can be made from shirts, t-shirts or blouses. There are 4 parts to the cushion - front, middle, back and piping detail, so they can be made from as little as 1 item of clothing, up to 4 items. If sending more than 1 item, please add a note to what part you want the fabric used on - if you have a preference.


An embroidered name can be added on the front of the letter.

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    Memory keepsake instructions

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    • Each letter is slightly different width, but all cushions are approx. 25cm tall and 6cm thick.
    • Stuffing is a hollowfibre filling
    • Please not this product is not suitable for children under 14 years of age and is meant as a keepsake not a toy. This is because the nature of using your recycled clothes, means the keepsakes can not be CE tested.
    • Made in Devon, UK
    • If you're wondering "who makes memory keepsakes near me?", then why not order one online. The order process is simple, and your clothing will be taken care of at each stage of the process.


    Q: Can I use a thin blouse?
    A: A backing is used on all fabric, so even thin blouses can be used.

    Q: Can these stand up and be used as decoration?
    A: The letters can stand upright so will look great as shelf decoration, however as they are soft, they may need to lean on something - especially letters like F, J, & P.

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