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Clothing for memory bears - tie / scarf / hat / jumper

These miniature clothing items are made to fit our memory bears, made from your loved ones clothing. They are a lovely way to personalise your bears further.

See items that can be made and the maximum we can make using your clothing. If you'd like anything different, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What we can make

  • Tie - Miniature ties can be made from a tie. (1 human ties = 2 bear ties)
  • Scarf - These can be ties into bows or wrapped around like a scarf. Ideally made from thin fabric, such as a scarf or blouse.
  • Bobble hat - Best made from knitted material such as bobble hat or jumper  (1 human hat = 2 bear hats)
  • Flat cap - (1 human cap = 1 bear cap)
  • Jumper / tanktop - Made from knitted fabric such as a jumper  (1 human jumper = 4 bear jumpers)
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  • These items are specifically made to fit our memory bears.
  • Please note, all items are sewn. Anything made from knitted clothing will not be as neat / robust as if they were knitted together, so whilst the stitches will not fall apart, there will be raw wool on the inside seams.

The process

Memory keepsake instructions